• African Queen
    African Queen
    Categoría: Superación personal
    1 Episodio
  • Almost Legend
    Almost Legend
    Categoría: Futbol
    13 Episodios
    A show that explores soccer's once-celebrated icons that fell short of expectations See more...
  • Cheap Talk
    Cheap Talk
    Categoría: Superación personal
    17 Episodios
    Cheap Talk podcast hosted by Princess Amarachi. A podcast focused on helping you put an end to the unproductive demands from society and peer pressure. Join me weekly as we discuss topics that aim at changing mindsets for the better. Positivity is key and we say it to do it right. Subscribe and join us on Jamit.fm. The Cheap Talk See more...
  • Citizen Z
    Citizen Z
    Categoría: Diarios personales
    13 Episodios
    Helping Africa's Generation Z balance culture, heritage, and modern lifestyles See more...
  • Date, Sex & Love
    Date, Sex & Love
    Categoría: Relaciones
    14 Episodios
    Everyone belongs to someone but finding the right one seems to be a path that leads to heartbreaks and mistakes that could have been avoided. Each week join AJay, as she peers into provocative topics people seem to avoid on Dating, Sex, and Love plus everything else in between, in the African modern society. If you desire a relati See more...
  • Fans Talk
    Fans Talk
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    13 Episodios
    A podcast focused on what celebrity fans have to say about those they follow See more...
  • I Got Tempted
    I Got Tempted
    Categoría: Diarios personales
    13 Episodios
    Sharing stories of people's toughest temptations and how you could avoid them See more...
  • Inside Out
    Inside Out
    Categoría: Superación personal
    8 Episodios
    The Nigerian University experience can be somewhat challenging in terms of dealing with randy lecturers, annoying roommates, writing unprepared exams and so on. Every week, join Precious on the Inside Out Podcast as she and her guests share tips and experiences that will make your campus journey less tedious and more fun. If you a See more...
  • Long Story Short
    Long Story Short
    Categoría: Historia
    13 Episodios
    Telling the true African stories See more...
  • Millennial Lady
    Millennial Lady
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    10 Episodios
    The Millennial Lady podcast hosted by two millennial ladies Teni Olubode and Abigail Adetoyinbo. Together they share their experiences what they and other ladies in modern Africa go through in today's world. On this show, they discuss a variety of topics ranging from lifestyle, health, and the all-round well-being of the girl See more...
  • On Some Bullsh*t
    On Some Bullsh*t
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    16 Episodios
    A show focused on calling out BS See more...
  • Random Topics
    Random Topics
    Categoría: Diarios personales
    3 Episodios
    This a show that tackles Issues that affect us on a daily bases. hosted by Jamit See more...
  • Red Card
    Red Card
    Categoría: Relaciones
    13 Episodios
    Walking away from a toxic relationship isn’t defeat, it is accepting you can’t make someone be who you want them to be. Listen to the Red Card Podcast with Dolly, a relationship expert as she shares her weekly discoveries about relationships and when to put an end to an unhealthy one. Whether you are in an abusive relationship and See more...
  • Story Of The gods
    Story Of The gods
    Categoría: Libros
    19 Episodios
    Story of the gods is an audio experience creatively created to reverberate traditions, customs, morals and lessons from African tales, passed down by our forefathers; not just how-to, but how not to. At the helm as Narrator is OLAWOYIN Olamide Samuel, regarded for his powerful voice and engaging storytelling skill. Story of the go See more...
  • The Backyard
    The Backyard
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    13 Episodios
    The Nigerian Pidgin podcast informing everyone about current affairs in Nigeria See more...
  • The Brunch Life
    The world we live in, lives off of entertainment as you know it. Not just music but hot, trendy topics, gist or gossip. Movies aren’t left out, as some people love to be recommended a list of movies for the week to watch for those chill times at home. Join Sohmiee, host of The Brunch Life Podcast, as she dishes out juicy and trend See more...
  • What Did Fela Say?
    What Did Fela Say?
    Categoría: Comentando la música
    8 Episodios
    This podcast explores the lyrics of the Legendary Afrobeat artist, Fela and what they mean today See more...